March 30, 2012

Royal KMM Typewriter with Magic Margins

No insert key, although no backspace key either. I love pounding away on the keys on this beast and realizing how dependent I have become on spell checking software. It must weigh about 50 lbs or pure cast iron old fashioned goodness. When I found it, it had these ugly green caps on all the keys that I guess raised the profile of the keys making it easier to type. However, I wasn't aware of this fact for some months until I was reading up on the history and saw that most of the surviving models had the glass keys taken off to use for jewelry, e.g., cuff-links. What a travesty. Anyhow, I looked under the caps, and lo and behold, perfectly preserved glass keys. I have no idea what have the little levers do, and I can barely get it to what I want half the time, which makes it all the more interesting.
royal kmm typewriter from the 1940s with magic margins