April 27, 2012

Giant Boulder Mountain Bike

Cheapness makes you do weird things, like justify cycling 16 miles round trip to work several times a week on a bike that is meant to be a beater bike. I call her the "Kraken," a Giant Boulder from 2001 weighing in at a paltry 35 pounds, and yes, that is the original pie plate on the back. Maybe I wasn't completely insane since I added slightly slick tires that are supposed to "turn any mountain bike into a road bike." Yeah right. I added a few commuting essentials that I borrowed from the worst fixie ever including the rack and a bell. This bike shared 500 beloved and cursed miles with me one summer that resulted in three suspected heat strokes. She has since retired to the pasture, aka, my basement, and only gets pulled back into service in emergencies, emergencies which take me down memory lane.
giant boulder bicycle 2001 called the kraken