May 13, 2012

Retired AFLAC Duck

Because it is the real AFLAC duck. Seriously, this was the understudy to the original AFLAC duck who lost the job, and this one waddled up big. The zoo that keeps him says that he will pose for pictures all day. This is compliments of my brother who showed me this and I instantly said AFLAC duck, not asking him why he was showing me a picture of a duck. There is a great Gary Larson cartoon where a couple of guys are exiting a forest, and the tag line says something like: "They both were thinking about what the chief said 'when you exit this valley, you will be wearing a duck.'" BTW, bro forgot to get an autograph, or footprint, or whatever. Wow, there are a bunch of searches on "What are a duck's feet called?" I feel much dumber all the sudden.
duck from aflac commercials behind a fence