May 22, 2012

LED Light Bulb Energy Meter

Light emitting diodes have been around for awhile, finding work illuminating indicator lights on switches and such that don't really need indicator lights. Now LEDs are quietly pummeling the competition in providing low-heat producing light anywhere you can shake a stick at. With solar power, it is a match made in heaven. I've gotten into a bad habit of leaving LED bulbs in my house on, counter intuitively thinking that this is somehow saving me money. Yes, you should turn off lights in rooms when you are using them. No, apparently you should not close vents and doors in rooms when you are not using them; something about the duct design and capacity of your house. Yes, you should keep your freezer full because it makes it more efficient although I don't have the slightest idea why even though I can recite the first rule of thermodynamics (coincidentally, there is a zeroth and negative one rule of thermodynamics because they realized after the fact that without those two, there could not be a one). If object A is in thermoequilibrium with object B, and object B is in thermoequilibrium with object C, then object A is in thermoequilibrium with object C.
LED light bulb energy meter