May 28, 2012

Lego Friends

I wish I was surprised by the malicious attacks on LEGO for launching their LEGO Girls collection. However, I have simply resigned myself to realizing that people will complain about everything, ruining it for the rest of us eventually. My daughter likes LEGO friends. Likes the concept. Likes putting them together. Likes talking to me about them. Let me have that. Yes, she played with non-denominational blocks as a younger child (including princess themed MEGA blocks, but I don't remember anyone going ape-shit on them). I do enjoy my friends stories of their boys constantly taking apart elaborate set-ups that finally one them super-glued a set together with modest success. I saw a many pointing to the ad from the 80's of the girl holding up some LEGOs with the tag-line reading, "what it is is beautiful." You know what is actually beautiful? The kid, not the toy, and whatever she wants, I will do my discretionary best to get it for her.
lego friends scientist set