May 4, 2012

Wade Boggs Topps Rookie Card

It is amazing how reality can become distorted as a kid. I was pretty sure that this Wade Boggs rookie Topps card from 1983 was going to be worth a ton a money later in life because I saw in some collecting magazine (this was before el internet) that the card was worth...two figures! Free college education, here I come. Well, being an amateur card collector, I had no idea you were supposed to put the things in plastic cases, or get them certified, or whatever. So I kept it in one of those metal cabinets with all the little plastic drawers, with my other valuable possessions that would someday buy me whatever I wanted, i.e., every Nintendo game ever made. Of course, I kept this right next to my bed, lest a robber find out about my hoard and come to steal it in the middle of the night. Well, this was about the time I discovered that having a glass of water next to your bed at night was one of the finest ideas ever. Wake up thirsty, and ta da, there is some water right there. One night I spill the water...on top of the metal case...containing my cards. The metal case did its best, but my prized Wade Boggs rookie card got damp, and the left hand side got warped. Even though I didn't know that the card was not mint before this, it was devastating blow to my future financial situation. After much depression, I decided to fight water with water. I re-wet that side of the card, and put it in between the pages of a big book (probably an atlas). It almost came out normal. Actually, looking at it today, I think it is actually slanted at the top. At the time, however, it was enough to think I had rescued my golden ticket and would be on my way to curing cancer in no time.
1983 Topps rookie card for Wade Boggs