May 19, 2012

Poor Man's Cycling Shoes

Reclaimed indoor soccer shoes. Everybody loves reclaimed stuff these days, of course, mostly dealing with furniture. I prefer to find old things that were meant for another purpose, and forcing them into another. As the anti-lycra cyclist I proclaim to be, I abhor toe clips, or clipless, or whatever the hell they are called, pedals. You want to get a good work out? Stop cheating physics and trust in the down-stroke. Thus, I did not need a new pair shoes when I started riding more, however, tennis shoes don't really cut it because of their width. Indoor soccer shoes, on the other hand, are thin, strong in the right places, and somewhat durable. By calling them reclaimed, it adds a sort of aura, I hope. Still, they aren't cycling shoes, and deserve to be deemed the worst. 
indoor soccer shoes with tape use for bicycling