May 31, 2012

Kill Bill Bride's Samurai Sword Replica

You get what you pay for. I've always wanted a samurai sword if only to say "yeah, I own a samurai sword." When Kill Bill came out, it seemed like the ideal time and I got this on via eBay for $20-30. Really, the quality is not horrible, not that I can compare it to an actual real sword. It has the Hottori Hanzo dragon etched on the sword, reminding me of those late night knife and sword sales on TV that South Park made fun of, i.e., "There's a dragon on the sword!!" The intimidation factor is probably there and I could maybe use it as a backup to my current security system, aka, the dog. Like Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction, I would choose this over a gun, a chainsaw, a baseball bat, etc. In fact, I may choose a paper-clip just because I saw it in an awful mock horror movie and I can't shake the image. I passed on the little sword that you are supposed to use to kill yourself with after disgracing your honor (I would be long gone by now).
the bride's samurai sword replica from kill bill