May 8, 2012

Matte Duct Tape

Time to end the myth of duct tape being this great material. Yes, it has niche uses, and the aura surrounding was intriguing at first, but now worn out just as this tape becomes over time. Many have pointed out the irony that duct tape is, in fact, terrible for metal ducts because it is cloth based and the glue on the tape side dries out and the seal is then gone. I did see the Myth Busters where they used about 100,000 rolls of tape to make a hammock, a house, and a canoe that all seemed feasible. Give me a bazillion toothpicks and I can make just about anything as well. I am done with duct tape, except for those cool colors they now have at places like Target. Damn those marketing people.
roll of classic duct tape