June 3, 2012

Claw Arcade Game

I was devastated to learn, with the advent of the internet, that claw crane games are basically rigged. That still hasn't stopped me from playing every chance I get. I was even hustled by one of these games in a boardwalk arcade: it had these these little plastic balls filled with various denominations of money of which I quickly captured four and found myself in the black by ~$10. I was caught hook, line and sinker, and proceeded to lose a couple of dollars before realizing the ruse. There were a couple of other of these units, so maybe I was just the target of some Terminator like "rise of the machines." I've also run into the ones where you spend $5 and you play until you win. That is great for the kiddies; kinda of a let down for a hard-core clawer such as myself. Maybe my feelings will change if I could add of up all the money spent dropping the claw.
claw crane game filled with plush toys