June 4, 2012

Bicycle Cro-Mo Seat Tube Sticker

Now this is how it is done on the Kraken. Nice big lettering saying that the material is light 4130, butted CR-MO (chromoly). If you look closer at the very bottom, however, the sticker subtly, in small black text, clarifies that this material only applies to the seat tube; the rest of the bike is actual heavier than hell steel. Ironically, steel is now the "cool" material have, supposedly because of its sustainability and ruggedness. You have not experienced pain until you try and ride a steel dragon up an incline of ≥10%. Funnier still is that chromoly really isn't that much of a step up from steel, IMHO. I think they should have reached for the stars and gone with carbon. I would say that 90% of people out there wouldn't know what a carbon fiber bike looks like. Then again, they probably wouldn't know that carbon fiber is top of the line then either. Who is this sticker trying to impress. Coming up tomorrow, another tricky sticker from the same bike! The Kraken just keeps giving and giving.
Sticker on a seat post that says the tube is chromoly