June 5, 2012

Made in the USA of US and Foreign Components Sticker

Raleigh won this round of obfuscation. First of all, I was raised to believe that Raleigh was a British bicycle brand, and I usually equated British made with high quality. Why they decided to have a Raleigh USA branch, I may not understand. Nevertheless, here we are with this sticker from a bicycle circa 1996, clearly implying that this is made in the USA. However, the "foreign components" part at the end is suspiciously vague. For example, everything but the seat could have been assembled in another country as a "foreign component," then the seat is added in the USA, and ta-da, a "Made in the USA" bicycle is what you have. Full disclaimer: I support all American businesses and would like to buy American made products when presented the opportunity at a competitive price, but, we live in a global economy whether we like it or not.
sticker that says made in the usa of us and foreign components