June 29, 2012

Broken Bicycle Spoke

Because it is the only spoke I've ever broken. I don't understand what I did wrong, or if it was just by chance. I was going up a slight incline and not pedaling overly hard when I heard a horrible noise. I thought I ran over something. I hopped off, took a look, and was incredulous to see yon spoke sticking out like a white flag. I walked the mile home, the whole time hearing the nipple (hehe) rolling around the wheel. I just hope the wheel is OK and while I could repair this myself, will have the LBS check it out. It didn't help to hit Google and find out that spoke breaks are pretty rare. Que sweat. UPDATE: Got beater bike out of moth balls, braved 100ºF temperatures find out LBS will not repair while-u-wait, so buy new spoke/nipple (hehe) for $2 (plus a Power Bar) and proceed to repair myself. I do have the special tool for truing wheels but 1) I didn't know what it was for, 2) I would be crazy to try and true a wheel. One spoke, no big deal. Got it on OK. My only advice if you have deep rims like me is to thread the nipple (hehe) on the spoke one or two threads and then insert into the hole from the tire side, removing the nipple (hehe) from the spoke and letting it hang. Now for the test ride...therefore...this blog may not hear from me again if the repair does not pass muster. Oh crap, I have to get the tire back on first.
bicycle wheel with broken spoke