June 13, 2012

Old Milwaukee Swedish Bikini Team Poster

I was dismayed to see someone else had an image of the poster on the internet since I thought I would be the only one dumb enough to hold on to this, or have a cool enough wife to let me keep it. Not sure if you are even allowed to upload pictures of posters with copyright and all. Searching for answers got me nothing but legal mumbo jumbo. Wikipedia seems to think that if the image represents something that is being critically commented on, then it is fair use, like a music album cover. So, here is the critical commentary: this poster is funny. We wrote quotes on it after seeing another, much cooler group of people with posters of Vanilla Ice, etc. with funny quotes. Hence the "yup, yup!" Anyhow, this beat the stereotypical Animal House poster of Bluto and the one with the two girls in their underwear hugging. This image is not for reuse as I obviously don't own the copyright.
swedish bikini team poster advertising old milwaukee beer