June 28, 2012

Memorex Cassette Tape

My parents had this ideology that they would "skip" a technology in order not to over-invest in any one format when it came to things such as electronics. Therefore, after using records, they bypassed the 8-track revolution and went straight to the cassette tape era. This would seem like a good idea except that this meant that they needed to skip CDs that lasted much longer than they expected. Even then, when the next technology came along, MiniDiscs, it sucked so bad that even my rents didn't use it. For sure, MP3 players (or whatever the hell format Apple uses in their crystal temple) are here to stay for until some type of media telepathy is developed. Thanks to my parents "revolutionary" idea, while I was unable to converse with friends about CDs, I still  have tapes in the original package worth absolutely nothing. The one redeeming feature of cassette tape players (aka WalkMans) was that they didn't skip when being jostled about. CDs had a hard time coming to grips with that, as I seem to recall. Too bad cassette tapes still sounded like static and it took forever to switch songs cause you had to find the exact spot by trial and error. Last but not least, there was almost no room for cover art.
cassette tape in package