June 26, 2012

Polaroid PTAB7XC Tablet Front Camera Example Photo

The best cheap tablet (Polaroid PTAB7XC) ever does have a sad sack camera on the front. This may be a good thing if I ever use video calling as it will hide my blemishes. The picture below is an example of the quality of picture. I am thinking 1.2 megapixels? Well, I want to know how to take pictures of things without me in them, accurately. Turning this table around and shooting from the hip has produced interesting results. I guess this blog is now the best and worst ever cell/smartphone, tablet, old camera picture blog. UPDATE: was able to use this tablet camera with Skype for the first time. As I thought, you needed to be a few miles from the surface of the sun in order to have enough light in order for the camera to work effectively. That being said, it worked pretty well for Skype, though it would probably work better with a headphone/microphone plugged in.
top of trees with some clouds