June 9, 2012

Ear Buds

I may be done with ear buds. Weren't we told as kids never to stick anything bigger than our fists in our ear? They never fit right, possibly because my ears seem to be different sizes. Too bad symmetry is supposed to be attractive to the opposite sex. My nostrils are also a different size. In fact, I don't think anything lines up correctly on me. I did finally spring for more expensive ear buds, instead of the ones that came from apple or I found laying the street. Of course, "springing" to me means $20. Amazon had some good deals on noise canceling ear buds I wanted to use on airplanes, and these fit the bill for the price range. I like the cord is non-tangle, but they still weren't loud enough or noise-canceling enough.ho came up with this idea anyhow? How long have these been around and has their time passed. Over the head earphones are making a huge comeback.
ear buds for listening