July 26, 2012

Pen is Mightier than the Sword Pen

For my money, nothing beats writing with Pilot Gel 7.0. That being said, writing with a pen that costs upwards of $200 AND has a sword for clip, is pretty cool. I probably should have sold this whence it was bestowed upon me and invested in a couple hundred said Pilot Gels, however, breaking this pen out for important occasions seemed like a good idea. Number of comments received on this pen equals zero. I also had one of those ergonomic pens that looked like a slingshot and was supposed to revolutionize writing. That one I got right before a big professional trade conference and was expecting the questions to flow like the river Nile, giving me contacts with some of the best in the business. Number of comments received with that pen equals zero. The lesson here is, unless you have a pen that can be seen from outer space, no one is going to comment on it. Instead, everyone just mentions how much they like your Pilot Gel.
nice pen that has a sword for a clip