July 20, 2012

Silver Atocha Necklace

Got this silver coin in South Carolina having no idea of the back story. The coin is actually a reproduction, made from bars of silver from the Atocha shipwreck by Mel Fisher. A little note that came with it said something about the silver being 400 years old! That is pretty much bunk because, if it was a real coin, you could say the coin was 400 years old. But since it is made from a silver bar, you can't say the silver was over 400 years old because the silver has probably been around a lot longer than that. Anyway, point of the post is that this guy Mel lost his wife and son who were helping with the treasure hunt. Yes, they were there voluntarily, but I wear this to remind me that maybe there are more important things than finding a treasure. You may have already have found one.
silver coin necklace from the atocha shipwreck