July 7, 2012

Telephone Headset

We are a couple of years late to the Dect 6.0 party because I enjoyed the thrill of having the battery in my old 2.4 Ghz phone run out at 50 minutes so that I was scrambling to switch to another phone. Silly me, I thought the transition would be easy. Turns out, almost no one is making phones with headphone jacks anymore!! If they think that speaker phones do the job, that are out of their cotton picking minds. Amazon failed me for the first time ever, making it very difficult to find a phone with the features I wanted, which was only two things: 1) headset jack, 2) no answering machine. You would have thought I was looking for the fountain of youth. There should be check boxes, people, so that you can punch it what you need. Instead, I had to scan reviews that, surprise, surprise, conflicted each other. So I was forced to go to a brick and mortar store for the first time in awhile, to make sure I actually got said features. Panasonic came through in the clutch, with this model KX-TGA652 that I assure you has a headphone jack as evidence by the picture. Funny though, they put the jack pretty low, almost too low on the handset that it almost doesn't fit on the charge stand. Now that would suck, to have to take it off each time. Also, you have to use significant force to make sure the headset plug is inserted into the jack. Two times I have been talking to people without really talking to them. That is on me for user error.
headset attached to a phone