July 31, 2012

Bag of Water with Penny Fly Deterrent

Seemed to good to be true. Didn't see any bugs for a little while, then one started buzzing around me. I used a penny that was kind of dull, so I'll have to run a couple of blinded, controlled, randomized clinical trials to see if it actually works. UPDATE: I may have to eat crow.: while not blinded, controlled, or randomized, I did put a bag of water with a shiny penny above the old garbage can out back, and miraculously, no more flies as far as I can tell. Too bad it doesn't work as effectively on mosquitoes. In other words, I should re-title this post BEST ECONOMICAL FLY DETERRENT EVER. So if you want to put one of these up, you've gotten nothing to lose since it only costs a penny, plus what the bag costs, plus the string...
hanging bag of water with a penny it to deter flies