July 14, 2012

Fire Extinguisher Symbol Sign

Raise your hand if you know how to use a fire extinguisher. My hand is half-raised. I think you are supposed to point it away from the fire, then sweep at the base. I also think that these don't last long, though this big one probably gives you a minute? There are instructions in fine print on the side of the extinguisher, if you have time to read them. I like how this one has the little fire extinguisher graphic above it, in case you don't know exactly what this thing is, and the graphic is terrible. I mean, who looks at this fire extinguisher and wonders "what the hell is that" then sees the little graphic above it and goes "oh, fire extinguisher!" Reminds me of Homer looking at a gym and says "What's a gime?" Then he walks into the gym and says "Oh, gime!" The best prevention rumor of all-time besides the dye in pools that shows who is peeing is that the fire alarms in schools had fluorescent dye on the handles so that the cops could tell who pulled the alarm. No one ever pulled the fire alarm. Of course, none of us were smart enough to use gloves at that age...
fire extinguisher with lame graphic