July 2, 2012

Interstate 95 Sign

I love the interstate system. I was raised to believe that we needed a way to move military vehicles across the country after transportation switched from rail to road (and I guess before air really took off, haha). This doesn't appear entirely true, and the roads were used instead so everyone could go see in-laws all over the country. I-95 is a great road, stretching from somewhere in New England, all the way to the sunny state of Florida. However, due to its popularity and utility, it is perpetually crowded at peak times, especially along the megalopolis that is DC to Boston. Then they added tolls that were promised to be abolished once said project was paid for (see the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel). Instead, they just raised the tolls and no charge you to travel through such meccas as Delaware. This is a horrible picture of a sign on this fine road that has been ruined.
interstate 95 sign that says washington