August 12, 2012

Makeshift Home Eye Wash Station

Awhile back, one of my kids had a run in with some "bathroom refresher" spray. It was my fault as she saw me using it and I did not give any warnings nor provide any training because I didn't think any was needed. Inevitably, she sprayed some right into her eyes and I immediately tried to get some water into her eyes. Well, thanks to panic and screaming, I wasn't thinking right and when simply splashing water in her eyes was not enough, I flipped her upside down and proceeded to basically water board her under the kitchen faucet, nearly drowning her in the process. The water she inhaled may have contributed to her puking later; we'll call it a push. Well, after reading the label on the spray and seeing that I did do the right thing with water, I just did it incorrectly. If I had thought this through logically (or thought of something happening like this in advance), I could have flipped the removable water faucet handle upside down and created a "home eye wash" station that would have certainly been more effective than what I did. So next time someone you know gets something in their eyes, read the label to make sure water is the recommended treatment, then use your faucet in the following manner (if you have one that does this).
kitchen sink faucet handle upside down spraying water