August 23, 2012

Washing Machine Safety Catch Repair

So I am trying to check a screeching belt on the washing machine, which must be over a dozen years old by now, and I accidentally break the safety catch when the lid closes. The safety catch is the thingy that tells the washing machine the lid has been closed and it is safe to spin. The plastic piece broke right in sweet spot. There were a couple of places on line where you could buy one, but being so old, it was kind of expensive and I had my doubts about them. I could have taped the catch down or something, though then someone could get hurt. I ended up taking a metal bracket, and twisting it 90º so that I could screw one end to the catch, and the other end would be in position to be pressed down by the lid when it was closed. By some miracle, this worked and has had no problems. Mechanical attachment is always the way to go in situations that require force. Glues just don't do well in that arena. 
the safety catch of a washing machine lid