August 27, 2012

Clove Versus Bulb of Garlic

Cooking is not my forte. I make a mean omelet, some good waffles, in fact, more than 90% of my game revolves around breakfast. A glaring example of dinner ineptitude came when I decided to make something that called for 4 cloves of garlic. Well, not being versed in the nomenclature of garlic, I assumed that a clove was the WHOLE THING OF GARLIC (in other words, the bulb). So about an hour later, I've cut, unbeknownst to me, about two dozen cloves before I called it quits and just used that amount, which I though was half of what I needed. The wife came home to a wall of garlic and proceeded to choke on the meal which was garlic laden. This is when I discovered that a bulb of garlic was different from a clove. Whoops. On the bright side, nary a vampire was seen near our zip code that week.
basket of garlic bulbs