September 27, 2012

Bicycle EL Wire Lights

Was never really a fan of riding at night. People are bad enough drivers during the day as to convince me not to temp fate at night. I still use active lighting during the day on the read (Super Flash), and on the front during dawn or dusk (Blaze Super Flash). Those lights are great, but give you no side visibility. Then I saw one of those electroluminescent wires on TV or somewhere else, and thought, that may be the answer. Less than $10 on Amazon and few days later, I had my matchy matchy orange EL wire that could be wrapped around the frame and provide some sweet looking glow on most of the frame. I taped it down in a couple of spots with some athletic tape because chain rings and wires do not mix well. Oh, and that's my pump behind the bike, not some sort of attachment.
EL wire or electroluminescent on bike with head light and tail light