September 24, 2012

Bakers Game Solitaire

Got addicted to this playing it on an old ass Palm Pilot. I could have learned several different languages included their various dialects in the time spent playing Bakers Game. After the Palm Pilot died, I searched in vain for the game, but thought it was called Bakers Dozen. It twas not. Now I have had a renaisance with the  best cheap tablet ever after finding an app called 250+ solitaire (or something like that). The game seems to be oh so slightly different in that in this one you can move stacks of descending cards, whereas the old version you could only move one card. I would only average about 10% wins on the old one while I average about 28% on the new (and believe when I say it is statistically significant). My fastest time is 41 seconds and I may be prouder of that number than a few of my other notable accomplishments.
bakers game solitaire on a tablet