September 19, 2012

File Validation Warning Message

If you are an MS Word Super User, you may get this message "Security Alert - Office File Validation" with some warning about danger, malicious users, taking over computers, cats and dogs living to together, you know, real fire and brimstone stuff. Not to worry, it probably just doesn't like one of your recently updated templates that has the file extension *.dot. What you need to do is have Word learn to trust the place you keep your templates. Here is the SOP:
1. Go to Word Options under the Windows button when in MS Word
2. Click on Trust Center
3. Click on Trust Center Settings
4. Click on Trusted Locations
5. Click on Add new location...
6. Click on Browse
7. Navigate to the location of the folder with your templates and click OK
8. Check the box next to Subfolders of this location are also trusted and click OK
9. Click a bunch of OKs to get back to Word
10. Club a seal (optional)
windows warning message in word about security alert with office file validation