September 26, 2012


As someone who goes along with the crowd, I was pleased to read that arachnophobia is the most popular of the fears. Popular may be the wrong is the fear that people have the most. I've read all kinds of crap that says we developed colored eyesight in order to avoid snakes, and our fear of snakes goes back to when we were little rodents, or some horseshit. I fear spiders because I hate spiders, enough so that rendered pretty much useless when it comes to killing them with anything other than a can of Raid at at minimum 3 meter distance. But, I did take this picture, since it was sort of through a window. He leaves only so he could eat other bugs and to see what happened when I put a stink bug in the web (he passed). At least this fear makes more sense that the spouse's fear of crustaceans. 
spider hanging out in his web