October 21, 2012

DIY Fix for Frozen GE Refrigerator/Freezer Water Dispenser

If your water dispenser keeps freezing on your GE side by side refrigerator/freezer, a quick look at the always trustworthy internet indicates that you should NOT 1) call for service, 2) install a heater(!) in your freezer, 3) replace the door. Number two is my favorite, because installing a heater in your freezer makes the most sense...and numbers one and three will set you back a few hundred dollars and may not solve the problem. Instead, some folks have had success installing insulation on the back of the freezer door, right where the water line is freezing up as pictured below. Apparently, you cannot access where the line is freezing as that part does not come off (I am sure you could make it come off with a sledge hammer). I used some self-adhesive pipe insulation wrap with foil backing on mine. I tried the duck tape route with some simple styrofoam I had laying around, but it didn't hold. The pipe wrap has good adhesion, even at low temperatures. At one layer deep, the water line remained fluid for 6 hour stretches (without insulation, it would freezer in about 3 hours). Overnight, the line froze up again, but definitely not as bad as before. Therefore, I am adding another layer of pipe wrap over the seams, or maybe horizontally, since it is only a 1/8 inch thick and will report back. Make sure you check out this post as well to keep from having to thaw the line out if it is repeatedly freezing. UPDATE: Adding another layer of the same pipe insulation wrap horizontally has kept the line thawed overnight for several days. I am now a spousal hero until the next appliance breaks.
inside of a GE side by side freezer door with insulation over water dispenser area