October 2, 2012

Baseball Game Souvenir

OK, if you end up getting a bat or something, that may be a little better than a baseball. That is a rare occurrence, with the only one I can remember being a kid that got hit by a foul ball, so the player that hit it gave the kid a bat (until lawyers got involved and told the kid not to accept anything lest he waive the right to sue). But foul balls/home runs/balls thrown into stands by players, are pretty commonplace. Think about it, what other sport can you take a piece of equipment to in anticipation of using it? Granted, there is no equipment in basketball, nor really football to catch the ball. Never heard of anyone taking a hockey glove or a stick to a hockey game. Me, I was lucky enough to capture a foul ball at a minor league game. Here's the story. Easily the best foul ball seat I have ever had (1st base about half way up the first section). I thought I was jinxed when each team kept bringing up left handed hitters like they were going out of style. Late in the game though, a ball was hit that was clearly going to be just over my head, meaning I was going to have to play the ricochet. The park wasn't crowded, but it wasn't empty, but no one happened to be walking passed when it hit a concession stand and bounced hard toward me. As a big dude, there was no way this was getting by me, or so I thought. The ball took a wicked kick to my right, glancing just off my fingertips, and I thought all was lost. However, I managed to get enough of the ball to rob its momentum, and ball stopped right in the middle of the group of people I was with. I yelled at them to pick it up, and someone did and handed it to me, asking "where did this come from?" Are you kidding me? It came from the field. And right there, I realized I was the only one who cared. 
baseball with red threads