October 26, 2012

Receipt for Coffee to use Bathroom

Everyone is guilty of a little bladder overconfidence sometimes. Recently, I partook in a nice dinner where wine was served and the conversation was flowing. Having used the restroom only once during dinner, and wanting to walk to public transport with some other people since I was in unfamiliar city, I wagered I could hold it in and make it back to the hotel. No dice. After my companions had exited at their metro stop, I realized I was in serious trouble. Like most subway systems, this city did not have bathrooms in the stations. No bother, I will just exit and find a place, figuring since this was a downtown station and it wasn't too late, there should be plenty of places. No dice. It was all closed office buildings, though I did see some workers shutting down a Bath and Body Works for the night and was seriously considering slapping a twenty dollar bill on the window so they would let me in to relieve myself. I am cheap and didn't want to scare anyone so I kept walking shuffling, pretty sure I was either going to be riding public transit in wet clothes, or arrested for indecent exposure and have to register as a sex offender. After turning one corner, I saw what might as well been heaven: a Burger King. At this point, my internal clock said I had 30 seconds max, but my brain was firing on all cylinders. Anticipating the "bathroom was for paying customers only" routine, I had my dollar and change out for a cup of coffee and the request to unlock the pad lock on the bathroom. It was dirty, smelly and the greatest place in the world. Not since college has there been a photo finish like this one for me. Best dollar I ever spent.
receipt for coffee at a burger king