November 14, 2012

Green Anole

In our haste to say hi to this little Carolina anole, he got scared and fell from a gutter about 8 feet up. Luckily, he looked none the worst for wear and am sure he is out eating insects and telling his lizard friends about the time he survived free fall. I once saw a southeastern 5-lined skink in Virginia, but he slinked back into the brush before the camera could be brought to the ready. He had the coolest blue tail, and would have made my budding little veterinarian's day. All kids seem to want to be veterinarians at one point or another. Then we hear that you have to go to school for like a bazillion years (more years than a human doctor), and suddenly, that path is a little less viable. When I explained to my day dreamer that it was veteran's day, she thought that meant it was a day for veterinarians. That one took awhile to explain.
green carolina anole on beige bricks