November 6, 2012

Wiki Loves Monuments Fail

I joined the Wiki loves monuments movement a little late ( The idea is to upload photographs of all historic places that are in the public domain. By the time I looked, all of the historic places near me had been spoken for, in other words, they had pictures already. I did find one that didn't seem to be too far away that did not have a picture, and I probably should have taken the hint that a legal picture could not be obtained. After reading the rules, it looks like you can legally only take a picture from a public street, in other words, no trespassing. So I biked the 10 miles to this place, and after taking forever to find the entrance (even Google maps couldn't figure it out), determined that indeed, I could not take a picture without trespassing. So I took this bad picture, but the effort was certainly there. Better not to say what historic place it is. I suppose I could email the owner and ask for permission; that requires more work than biking the 10 miles IMHO.
picture of historic house obscured by trees