November 20, 2012

DIY Dumbbell Add-on Weights

Hat tip to the body building forum that gave me the instructions to make my own "PlateMates(©)" which are 1.25 or 2.5 lb magnetic plates that you can add to your dumbbells to incrementally increase your free weight weights. My cheapness prohibited me from purchasing the real deal, and Google took me to the afore mentioned forum that said some rare earth neodymium magnets (usually available at your local hardware store) and Gorilla Glue to turn my 2.5 lb plates into magnetic add on weights that secure to the end of hex dumbbells. The glue is to attach the magnets to the plates so you can slide the plates on and off the dumbbells because these suckers attract hard, and I mean hard. You have to re-glue the magnets every once in awhile. Plus they are brittle, so you don't want to be smacking them on there or they will break. They seem to stick fine, just have to leave my wallet out my pocket lest my credit cards get erased. I've used these on 55 lb hex as well, but use at your own risk. 
home made magnetic add on free weights