December 3, 2012

Atari Game Collection

Only because in this collection, there is no Indian Jones and that damn Raiders of the Lost Ark game (ET is too easy to pick on). I should really be thanking Dr. Jones since the first marathon gaming sessions I had with friends were trying to find that stupid ark. Perhaps we were so bad because we didn't realize you needed to use both controllers. Well, reading the directions was never a priority as a child. The black cartridge below is Alf and the something something; in other words, I didn't forget to flip it over. I don't know why there are two basic programming cartridges, or word processor ones for that matter. Nevertheless, Atari week is still going strong, though it is soon to become "retro gaming week" if I don't find some non copyright Atari stuff to take pictures of soon.  
30 atari cartridges with classic titles such as pole position etc.