December 2, 2012

Atari 800XL System circa 1983

In honor of B&WE's 500th post (or thereabouts), we are going with our first theme week: Atari week! Though my original Atari 2600 has gone to the wayside, a colleague was cleaning out his house and asked if I wanted this bad boy Atari 800XL. He had originally used it to write his PhD thesis.  Prior to this, I had no idea that Atari's had keyboards, although I was perfectly aware a Commodore 64 had them. Despite the spouse's protests, it found a home in our basement, where it was proudly on display until it was overrun by children's toys. Nevertheless, the Atari blazed in all it's 64K RAM glory for a little while, working like 'twas just out of the box. Here's hoping it survives the next 30 years as it did the first 30.
atari 800xl with keyboard from the 1980s