December 7, 2012

Television Switch Box Adapter

Hooking up video game systems used to be so easy...I think. Since TVs only had one input back in the days of antennas, you had to interrupt that signal with the video game signal by means of a switch box. Then came the hay day of cable, and you still needed to interrupt that cable signal with a switch box. Of course, the TV had to be on channel 3 (or channel 2 for those weirdos) or all you would get is white static. No one gets static anymore, since set-top boxes display the "channel not available" also known as the "you are too cheap to get this channel, loser." I think I would still be able to hook up this thing to a TV, as long as it was "cable ready." What a great term; all of the other TVs were 
switch box cad10112 for antenna and tv