December 5, 2012

Atari Joystick Collection

None of these joysticks were originally mine, but have now found their way into Atari week here at the B&WE. Let me introduce you to the family. On the top left is Archer who, according to the stamp on the bottom, was custom manufactured for Radio Shack. On the top left is Boss who apparently was precision engineered so that you could twist the joystick as well as move it back and forth (not sure what purpose that served). On the bottom right is the Mindscape Power Player, an early adopter of the trigger that I foolishly did not capture in the below photo. Finally, my favorite, on the bottom left is the Slik Stik, a stark example of how Atari manufactures loved to use the letter "k" in place of a "c" or "ck." Ironically, the Slik Stik is anything but slick, requiring excessive force to move it around. Well, at least it was made in the USA like many Atari paraphernalia.   
atari joysticks inlcuding an archer, a boss, a power player and slik stik