December 6, 2012

Epyx winter 1984 Software Catalog

My personal favorites based solely on title having never played any of these game:
  1. Star Warrior - The character looks like he is holding his you know what and it is an award winner, whatever award that is/was.
  2. Silicon Warrior - Was excited until I discovered it is not a game about battling women who have had cosmetic surgery.
  3. Impossible Mission - What better way to avoid trademark infringment than to just reverse two words.
  4. Lunar Outpost - Says it has exciting 3-D graphics...
  5. Breakdance - Because people were literally clamoring for a breakdance video game.
Hell if I know if this is copyrighted. Epyx isn't around anymore, but if someone wants me to take this down, I'll play you in a game of The World's Greatest Baseball Game.
inside of winter 1984 epyx video game software catalog