December 21, 2012

Coin Drop Game

Coin drop game. I thought I had conquered this with the advent of the "Coin Dozer" app for android. Nope. Every time I see one I have to drop in a few. The ones that spit out real money are the worst. How could I, as a reasonable human being, assume I could make money off of this game. However, a cruise seems to be the best place (never mind you have to spend thousands of dollars to get there). Cruises because the ship moves and you get free money. We also won a 50 dollar bill hanging off the edge after pumping in $25 in quarters for a tidy profit, and proceeded to blow it all on a couple of drinks at the local cruise bar. Just be warned, the people in front of us probably put in $100 trying to get that fifty that they dangle there in a secure fashion.
coin drop game price is right