January 21, 2013

Human Child Ant Farm

My mother would never let me have an ant farm. I had to wait until college. Then I was too impatient to wait for ants to be delivered by mail, so I went out and captured some on the sidewalk. Sidewalk ants are not so good at farming. Having reached adulthood, I now have a giant ant farm that little kids can explore. That's a little extreme; this thing is at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum and makes an interesting case study in how children interact with each other in austere environments. This was not as bad as Kid Nation, which bordered on abuse, since we could yell instructions to the kiddies on how to navigate around others and how to get out of the damn thing. If I was more claustrophobic from when my brother used to hold me down under a pillow so I couldn't move, this thing would have caused mild to moderate screaming. Instead, it was fun to let the kids explore and improvise. 
giant ant farm that kids can explore