January 17, 2013

Inside Straight Poker Hand

Being cheap and gambling do not mix, unless you happen upon the nickel slots that, incidentally, usually rob you of your money faster than the quarter slots when you play 100 combos at once. I digress. Men should know how to play poker, and the game of the last few generations has no doubt been Texas Hold 'Em. Of course it is possible to get straights in a variety of poker games. In fact, when I was a kid, I was pretty sure a straight was about the coolest hand to have and could beat just about any other hand. Wrong. It is actually not that strong a hand unless it is a flush. Still, it is sweet to get an inside straight where the last card fills in the middle of your straight. This earns you no bonus points except to annoy the people around you.
poker table showing an inside straight 7,8,9,10, jack with poker chips and a drink