January 14, 2013

National Zoo Merry-Go-Round

This isn't a particularly good picture of the merry-go-around at the National Zoo that is solar powered. Even with a panoramic lens, I doubt you can capture a circular object. That is, however, a great shot of the kangaroo who is peering over the edge of that box and looks rather menacing. Nothing beats when Crocodile Dundee pretending to be an armed kangaroo and starting firing back at a bunch of drunken guys out shooting roos for fun. Anyways, this was nice change-up from the normal merry go around that has horses or sometimes ventures into the circus realm. Of course, one of my kids ended up choosing the horse; stereotype! I wish these things also still had rings that you tried to grab, the gold one giving you a free ride or some horseshit. Now that is a fun Saturday night.
national zoo merry-go-round with riders