January 11, 2013

Parallel Parking in the Suburbs

Well, this post was supposed to be the day before so it could be juxtaposed against the Hot Wheels Cuda. The new Blogger app for Android is easier to use, but it lets you turn off notifications and therefore, I did not receive a notification when this upload failed. Oh well. The whole juxtaposition thing hasn't worked out because this is mainly a camera phone blog, and the Blogger app only allows you to upload one picture at a time. Anyone landing on any specific page only sees half the story. I've had more fun seeing what pictures Google decides to index, and  the when and how to get them to show up in the Google image search as "labeled for commercial use with modification." That will be discussed another day as I am still working on the nuances. Suffice it to say, this picture further exemplifies suburbanites inability to parallel park and when one car is parallel parked poorly, the next car is parked even worse and so on and so forth.
successive cars parked poorly in parallel fashion