January 17, 2013

Chess Board and Pieces in Fool's Mate Position

Ah, the fool's mate. None of my mentors in the game of chess ever saw fit to explain that you could lose a game in only a couple of moves. I had to find out the hard way after making it to the semi-finals of a chess tournament when I was in second grade. Of course, it takes some boneheaded opening moves on the part of the loser, opening moves that would literally give Kasparov a heart attack. I had literally blown my first two opponents off the chess board, taking all of their pieces before check mate (we were all too stupid to concede, or didn't know it was an option then). Overconfident I was, and told the dude that was to end my run in a matter of seconds as much. He couldn't believe I fell for it. Had I simply lost a good match, I would not have this psychological scar that, in the grand scheme of things, is piddly. Nevertheless, I've never fallen prey again (or caught anyone by surprise) with this mate. I went out and got myself a book about Lasker or one of the other chess legends and learned how to open a game so that I was in a position to at least compete. Should have stuck to checkers.
chess board showing a fool's check mate