August 18, 2013

High Protein Microwave Fish Meal

I've lost 30+ pounds so far for the summer of 2013, partly due to exercise, but mostly due to eating better especially at lunch during the work week. Before, I thought nothing of eating an entire box of Pasta-Roni, or a frozen pizza, especially after resistance training. What a waste of time and calories. Now, after resistance training, I have a high protein, low carbohydrate lunch that leaves me full and satisfied. While I'll cover all my current lunchtime meals in separate posts, this frozen Tilapia fish meal recipe is my favorite Monday meal. Adapted from many similar recipes on the internet, I feel this one is optimized based on process improvement skills I've acquired over the years. First get some frozen Tilapia; it goes for about 15 pieces for $8 at my local grocer. Put two frozen filets, about 2-3 ounces each, on a plate, add 1/8 tablespoon of butter slices to each filet, and some squeeze garlic from Spice World ( many recipes call for minced garlic which takes considerably more time). Cover with wax paper and cook in a microwave for 2 minutes, then flip and cook for another additional 2 minutes. Top with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (or malt vinegar). Add a side of spinach, zucchini, asparagus, or your favorite vegetable. Bare bones nutritional information: 200 calories from the fish (100 calories per filet), 25 calories from 1/4 tablespoon of butter, 0 calories from the garlic and apple cider vinegar. Total protein is about 40 grams with 0 carbs. Depending on the vegetable, you are looking at another 20-40 calories per serving with a negligible amount of carbs. The main drawbacks of this meal are that if you work in an office environment, it may be tough to keep frozen filets and many places it is frowned upon to use the microwave for fish. Good luck.
frozen tilapia filets on a plate with butter, garlic and vinegar