February 11, 2014

Disney Monorail

While at Disney World, naturally the question of why hasn't Disney expanded the monorail to places like Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom making it easier to get around than the bus system currently in place. A quick search of internet message boards (all with quaint names related to Disney) reveals that some speculate that they should be able to build more monorail track at $1 million a mile, while others think more like $100 million a mile. I don't have a dog in this fight, but the monorail, while cute, is far from perfect for reasons that can be ascertained elsewhere. Alternatives range from light rail on the ground, to personal rapid transit. My money would be on a Flexcar model since a family or group could hop in a Disney owned car, hit a button on the integrated GPS for where they want to go, and then just follow the directions, leaving the car for the next family or group at the next stop. The cars could even receive feedback on what parking spots were available, etc. The roads aren't that complicated and everyone gets to where they are going in a timely manner.
yellow monorail passing through disney's epcot