April 29, 2012

Bess Bug

Thank you, patent leather beetle, for appearing in my life the week of one of my daughter's "bug week" at school. Against my better judgement, I took you to her school in ghetto fab bug barn made of two plastic cups held together with masking tape. You could have perhaps resulted in the first lawsuit against a parent for bringing an aggressive bug to school. However, Wikipedia assured me of your docileness (sp?). Therefore, I had some regret leaving you at school all day, despite being a good representative for your genus, or kingdom, or something (8th grade biology was a loooong time ago). We all know the happy ending, as we ended up bringing you home and releasing you into the woods, were you could enjoy the rotting wood you so enjoy. Fare thee well, most amazing bug in the world, we hardly knew ya.
bess bug also known as patent leather beetle